GS Corporation

Electric Lawn Mowers

Reel Blade
Model: GTM-2800

Motor: 100V/ 50-60Hz/500W
Cutting Width: 280mm
Cutting Height:,6 steps :
10,18,26,34,42 & 50mm
Number of Blade: 5pcs. Cylinder type
Mowing Capacity: 490m2/h
Weight: 13.3kgs

with overload protector,
safety switch system,
grinding in the reverse rotation
Model: GAH-3000

Motor: 100V/50-60Hz/ 520W
Cutting Width: 300mm
Cutting Height: 5
Number of Blade: 8pcs. Cylinder type
Mowing Capacity: 350m2/h
Weight: 23.5kgs

Self-propelled drive,
with overload protector,
grinding in the reverse rotation

Push Type / Electric Type / Petrol Type

Lawn Mower Top
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