Hole Puncher
for agricultural mulching sheet

Equally spaced holes can be opened just by rolling it
on agricultural mulching films

Just push and roll !

Hole distance is adjustable from 150mm to 500mm in assortment of the wheel and blade

Soil in the blade is thrown away by centrifugal force.

Film debris in the blades can be removed by each 80 meters.

A beautiful and regular array !

Optional parts for 2 row punching.

Handle length 1050mm
Wheel model MA-300 MA-400 MA-500
Wheel diameter 350mm 350mm 440mm
Wheel width 130mm 130mm 130mm
50mm dia. blade
Hole space (number of blade)
300mm (4 pcs)
150mm (8 pcs)
400mm (3 pcs)
200mm (6 pcs)
500mm (3 pcs)
250mm (6 pcs)
Blade sizes (diameter) 22mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm & 80mm
Weight (50mm blade x 4pcs) 6 kgs. 6.5 kgs.

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